In support of normative act no.14, dated 11.04.2020, we announce that the Agency of Concentrated Purchases makes available to economic operators “active processing business”, the official e-mail address: of dedicated to the administration of all availability expressions, to the goods and services needed to cope with the situation created by the COVID-19 epidemic, throughout its duration.

The expression of availability by economic operators “active processing business”, can be sent electronically, to the address dedicated to this purpose: , and / or in writing, to the address: Agency of Concentrated Purchases, Skënderbej Square, no.3, Tirana.

Also, according to the provisions of normative act no.14 dated 11.04.2020, by decision of the Council of Ministers will be determined the contracting authorities, the relevant goods and services that will be procured through the procedure “with negotiation without prior announcement of notice”, as well as the process which will be followed in this regard by the Agency of Concentrated Purchases, in the capacity of the central purchasing body.

We invite and encourage all economic operators “active processing business” who produce goods or provide the necessary services to cope with the situation created by the COVID-19 epidemic, during its entire duration, if they have goods or services that are profitable in terms of of normative act no.14, dated 11.04.2020, to express their availability to the Agency of Concentrated Purchases.