1. What function does ABP have?

The Concentrated Purchasing Agency, hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”, is organized and functions as a central institution, a public legal, budgetary entity, subordinate to the Minister of the Interior, hereinafter the Minister, based in Tirana. The Agency, as a central purchasing body, authorized by the Council of Ministers, has the mission of carrying out the procurement procedures of budget funds valued above the threshold of small value procurements, on behalf and for the account of the Prime Minister, ministries, institutions. subordinate to the Prime Minister and line ministers, for the purchase of goods and services specified in the relevant by-law.

2. What is the unification of standards?

The Agency unifies technical specifications for goods and services of the same type, in accordance with approved standards, in cooperation with field specialists of responsible institutions or external, domestic or foreign specialists, and compiles standard catalogs, which are approved by guidance to the minister.

3.Where is contract monitoring?

The Agency monitors at all times the implementation of contracts by contracting authorities. At the end of the monitoring, a report is drafted on the correctness and quality of contract implementation, a copy of which is sent to the Public Procurement Agency.

4.What are framework agreements? What kind are they?

Instruction link 6 to app.gov.al

5.If I have a complaint where should I complain?

At our Agency is the Complaints Department which examines the complaint of the economic operator. After a decision is made by the Appeals Directorate, the economic operator has the right to approach the PPC, if there are any objections to the decisions of this Directorate.