About us

The Concentrated Purchasing Agency, hereinafter “the Agency”, is organized and functions as a central institution, a public, public legal entity, subordinated to the Minister of the Interior, the next ministry, based in Tirana. The Agency as a central purchasing body, authorized by a decision of the Council of Ministers, has as a mission the execution of procurement procedures of budget funds with a value above the monetary threshold of small value procurement on behalf and for the account of the Prime Minister, ministries, institutions depending on the Prime Minister and the line ministers for the purchase of goods and services set out in the relevant sub-legal act. It has its own budget, which is part of the budget of the Ministry of Interior. The agency has the official emblem and seal. The emblem consists of the emblem of the Republic of Albania with the notes: “Republic of Albania, Ministry of Interior, Central Purchase Agency”, in accordance with the Decisions of the Council of Ministers on how to use the emblem of the Republic of Albania. The Agency is headed by the General Director, who organizes and directs all activities of this Agency and answers to the Minister. It is divided into four other directorates: Standards and Quality Monitoring Directorate, Technical Directorate, Procurement Development Directory and Appeals Directorate.